Tulip High-waisted Leather Skirt

$88 SGD


55(XS-S), 66(M)


white, beige, barbie pink, black


100% PU


It is a 2020 S / S high-rise leather mini skirt.
This high-rise pattern fits the leather texture's chic mood and body in a slim fit, and is a mini skirt with a skirt that will make the silhouette of the legline stand out.
This is a high-waisted inseam that holds the waist in a stable fashion and is a stylish skirt with a simple but leather texture with a voluminous tulip pattern and a chic falling silhouette.
A skirt made based on the touch of cow hide skin,
When worn with a soft and voluminous texture, it is a mini skirt that can be worn comfortably due to its good feeling of being wrapped around the body and a good tension.
This is a high-rise leather mini skirt that is suitable for various outfits regardless of season with minimal design and texture.

The material of the high-rise leather mini skirt
It is made using the highest quality domestic wet leather fabric of 100% polyurethane.
This is a leather material from the most famous company in Korea, which is made by expressing cowhide skin motif. It's a nicer fabric.

The lining of the skirt
I used PB TWILL containing Schomberg used by the brand, and matched the fabric color with a 1:1 bath.
The wick used in the skirt was attached to a Japanese silk wick to firmly hold it for strength.

It is a leather skirt with a design that allows the waist line to be incised with the V line of the waist line, and at the same time comfortable and the legs can be seen longer.
The quality is improved by embroidering stitches on the waist using chinuido.
In order to prevent the fabric from stretching during embroidery stitching, only the obi was cut with yoko.

Skirt's open-closed front zipper
Made using YKK imported denim nickel zippers.
The buttons on the skirt are also made of nickel kenton to better match the design of the skirt.

All processes are made in factories that specialize in brand jackets.

Thank you.


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Pretty skirt!

Got it in hot pink! Great cut and material! Superb service and delivery! Thks love!