Julia Trouser

$93 SGD



Small 55, Medium 66, Large 77


ivory, light beige, beige brown, black


100% poly
(100% high-concentration poly)


2020 S/S
It is an attractive jogger pants made of poly high-woven yarn.
It's casual and formal, so it's a good pair of pants, so it's comfortable and stylish that anyone can wear:)

The fabric of the pants
Strongly increase the density when weaving the fabric
There is no span, but it’s comfortable with its own tension
Good resilience
It is made of 100% poly high-concentration yarn.

There is no fastening of the pants
The front part of the obi uses a soft but strong twill core
The band at the back is made to be comfortable and comfortable to wear by using a strong 40 m/m suspending band with good tension.
The lining of the pants is considered to be in contact with the skin, and the PB TWILL is used with an enviable and absorbing power.

On the inside of the waist
To prevent the fabric seam allowance from coming out over the string, all the nautical nautical nautical material was wrapped in a pouch, and the lining that was worn when wearing training was secured. In the pocket part, the fabric and the lining were quilted with stitches and fixed with bartec.

Shibori at the hem of the pants
The spun yarn served by arranging short fibers side by side
It was made to be easy to wear without stretching or shrinking by washing with 1:1 dyeing in the same color as the fabric and considering the shrinkage ratio:)

Thank you.