Turtleneck Ribbed Sleeveless Knit Top

$72 SGD




white, light beige, beige brown, black


rayon 65% + nylon 35%


2021 S/S turtleneck ribbed sleeveless knit top.
It's a sleeveless ribbed polar knit top with a minimalist and luxurious texture.
It is a sleeveless top that fits properly on the body and creates a slim silhouette. It is a product that can be used as a single item as an inner throughout.
The soft and light texture makes it easy to wear in the SS season, and the luxurious knit material enhances the quality with the subtle luster and the firmness of the ribs.
It is a chic knit top with a sexy and simple design with a pattern of a slim silhouette overall with the unique soft knit texture of rayon.
The body is 2 X 2 and the neckline is 1 X 1 to connect naturally, the neckline of the turtleneck line and the dropped shoulder line that rises high, the armhole line that covers the ugly flesh and the incision in the back line so that the trapezius does not look like it is raised It is a simple style knit top with minimalist details with high completeness.
With a very soft and smooth texture, it feels good when it touches the skin and is easy to wear as an innerwear product.
The shoulder line that falls into a thin line makes the shoulder and arm line look pretty when worn, making it a more attractive turtleneck ribbed sleeveless knit top.

The turtleneck ribbed sleeveless knit top is made of
It is made by serving a blended yarn containing 65% rayon + 35% nylon.
The unique texture of rayon is soft, and the cold fabric contains nylon so that it goes well with the S/S season, so it does not have a lot of wrinkles.
We selected and produced materials that match the design of the knit top so that it can be worn more firmly, regardless of size, by giving the maximum twist of the yarn.
It was woven using a 16 gauge machine that weaves with fine needles so that it can be easily worn during the seasons, spring and summer S / S seasons. ​

At the end of the lip of the neckline turtleneck, the clothes are more comfortable to wear and take off,
In order to make it flexible, I added a spandex company called Spandex Covering (2075) and served as a 1 X 1 (one by one) organization that has more elasticity and resilience.
In order to remove the heavy feeling at the end of the neckline, I worked without a lip structure, but considering that it would be struck when there was not too much force, I held it about 2 mm in a fukuru method to save the line at the end of the neckline.

All processes are made in a knit factory that specializes in brands only.

Thank you.