Silky Slip Dress ll

$130 SGD

[ Size ]


[ Color ]

white, cream pink, beige, mustared yellow, khaki green, black

[ Fabric ]

100 % acetate

[ Detail ]

2020 S / S Drape silky dress
The silky texture and the natural drape of the flowing neckline are the luxurious slip dresses.

Lightweight, moist texture and luxurious gloss texture make this slip dress feel luxurious.
From the shoulder straps, the natural luster and color of the fabric are luxurious, so the dress-up mood can be created depending on the styling, and it can also add chic styling.

It is a silky dress with a drape detail that can be layered with a variety of items with a sleeveless design that fits comfortably with a relaxed silhouette overall.



The material of the drape detail silky dress

Made using 100% triacetate pure fabric.

Silky luster, elasticity and hygroscopicity make it easy to wear as seasonless fabric.

In addition, since the shrinkage is stable, washing is easy because there is almost no deformation even after general water washing.


The neckline draped with the bias cut was naturally smooth, and two layers of underside were placed inside the neckline to prevent the breastbone from being seen, and the quality was improved so that a natural silhouette could be produced with just one wearing.
The shoulder strap is silk-matched with satin, and the underwear is invisible and resampled to find a comfortable armhole pattern.


The wick was attached to a Japanese silk wick and held firmly for strength.

The silk bias tape is used to improve the quality of the dress's body and bust line.

Embroidered silky thin silk straps enhance femininity

The shoulder straps are finished to match the outer and color.


All processes are manufactured in a brand specialized factory,
We have worked with sewing of difficulty with the sewing work of hem of Nihonbari on the part of the sack.