cropped sleeveless knit tank top

$50 SGD

[ Size ]


[ Color ]

butter + cream striped
cream + black striped
olive + black striped
black + cream striped

[ Fabric ]

65% rayon + 35% nylon

[ Detail ]

2022 S / S Crop Tank Nasi Knit Top.
It is a crop top knitted top that is stylish even when worn alone, and it is a top that is good for giving points as inner wear.
The tank top design and stripe pattern are added to make this top attractive with a classic and retro mood.
A moderately cropped length and soft U-neckline and shoulder line can be enjoyed casually.
The texture of the knit that fits the body moderately makes the waist line and bust stand out, making it more satisfying to wear.
A classic match with top & top mix-and-match or knitwear goes well together.
It is a cropped tank age knit top that can be stylishly styled by matching the wide leg pants with a good overall balance.

The material of the cropped tank padded knit top is
It is made by weaving a blend of 65% rayon + 35% nylon.
Rayon's unique texture is soft and suitable for the S / S season. The cold fabric contains nylon, so it doesn't wrinkle much. It has a soft texture like Tencel silk, so it's a luxurious fabric to wear as an inner.
By giving the twist of the yarn as much as possible, the tension is stronger and it is made with selected materials that go well with the design of the knit top so that it can be worn beautifully regardless of size. ​
In order to be able to wear it well even in midsummer, we proceeded with 14 gauge private plain organization work.
It is tightly woven and knitted with good elasticity to wear smoothly.

The stripe pattern works as much as possible so that it does not deviate from each other, and the neckline and hem are woven with a hook-and-loop texture 1 X 1 to make it strong.
The hem has been worked with a straight fit and finished neatly to enhance the quality.

It is a well-made product with a high degree of completeness, including design, material, and quality.
All processes were carried out in knit factories that specialize in branding.​

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